Wheat starch

Wheat starch obtained from wheat, looks like a loose white or yellowish powder, consisting of fractions of small (from 2 to 10 microns) and large grains (from 20 to 35 microns). They have a flat elliptical or round shape with a peephole in the center.

The ancestor of all starches is starch produced from wheat grain - wheat starch. The production of wheat starch was known in ancient times. According to a number of ancient writers, wheat starch was obtained on the islands of the Mediterranean Sea, Ancient Greece, in Rome. The start of wheat starch production in other European countries dates back to the 16th century.In Russia, the first enterprises producing wheat starch appeared in the first half of the 18th century.


  • Food production;
  • Textile industry;
  • Paper industry;
  • Pharmaceutical industry.