BioOperations is the flagship in the deep grain processing industry in Kazakhstan. The plant is located in the city of Taiynsha, North Kazakhstan region, and is the largest enterprise in the region.
The plant is located in the grain region of the country, the availability of the raw material base is its main advantage. The location of BioOperations along the main routes of roads and railways allows us to optimize the logistics.
The plant has 5 facilities: an elevator, a mill complex, a starch unit, a bioethanol production unit, a carbon dioxide production unit and a wastewater treatment plant.
BioOperations produces wheat gluten, starch, Distillers’ dried grain with solubles (DDGS), ethanol and CO2. 
BioOperations’ products are certified to FSSC 22000 and ISCC.
Our wheat gluten and starch are exported to India, the USA, Columbia, Norway, the CIS countries and the European Union. BioOperations exports ethanol to the European producers of biogasoline and biodiesel. In May 2022, the first 5,000 tons of ethanol were shipped to Europe's largest biofuel producers.
For the production of the main products, wheat of Kazakh origin is used, the resulting waste during the processing of which is sent to the production of bioethanol.
Today BioOperations is the only producer of gluten and starch in Kazakhstan, and ethanol in the CIS.